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I don't know what I'm doing in life.
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My boy was describing some shorty he fucking with.

He said “yeah she look good she kinda look like Lloyd”

this nigga said lloyd son


fucking lloyd

& nigga kept talking about shorty like shit was all good 

like it’s okay to fuck w/ shorties that look like lloyd



there is this argument that people have when they argue that men are more oppressed than women bc men go to war and they have more casualties and die more and the women were fine and dandy while men were out breaking their backs

ding dong you are wrong

  • historically speaking men would die in wars and then the victors would conquer their enemies by taking loot and the women, which means forcing them into a life of slavery
  • women would fight in the damn wars themselves and was underrepresented by historical books bc they were women, there were so many female leaders in wars but then and now they are mocked for being women
  • women were nurses and doctors in said wars and were killed along with the soldiers in the hospitals they worked in
  • women were mothers and daughters and wives and sisters of the men who are killed
  • women and children were targeted for killing during the 20th century wars in order to keep morale down
  • the MASS RAPE that has happened constantly in wars in order to assert male power over the enemies’ women (rape of congo, rape of bangladesh, rape in the holocaust) which would lead to so many deaths and so much trauma like omfg it takes a real sociopath to think that women aren’t affected in war. during the bangladeshi liberation war of 1971 there was a campaign for pakistani men to rape all bengali women in order to create ‘pure children’
  • the countless experiments and sterilization procedures on women, especially in the usa
  • the huge problem of sexual assault in the military and how it’s all hushed up and the women who are victimized are fired because they spoke out

so don’t just sit there all smug and mighty and claim that women had no effect from war because gender plays a huge part in warfare. to ignore that would be to ignore idk BASIC FACTS

i love how men who have NEVER BEEN IN THE MILITARY will use this as an attack on feminism. “women don’t have to go to combat!!11!!!” first of all, you wrong. second of all, HAVE YOU BEEN TO COMBAT??? no? how shocking. shut the hell up.

You haven’t healed, I can tell from how cruel you are.
— (via eternit-e)


I’m singing for you, can you hear it?